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Novembers Look Fantastic Beauty Box


This Months Theme was #LFSPARKLE, getting you ready to shine bright in time for the party season. I love a subscription beauty box and this is my second Look Fantastic box. Every month I will give you a post with a break down of what it contains and what I think of each product.

I have broken the contents down in sections

Hair Care


SebastianVolupt Spray – I have been using this for years in the salon. It is a volume building spray gel. This is a bi- phase formula so the bottle must be shaken well before application. This will give you even volume from roots to ends while also protecting from heat damage when styling. Suitable for all types of hair. I am really happy to have a travel size one, for when I go away.



Loreal Mythic Oil– If you have not heard of this product where have you been? I had never used this before, but had heard a lot about it. This oil is suitable for all hair types and can be used wet and dry. It is infused with grape seed oil and avacado oil to nourish and smooth the hair. I found it quite heavy to use on my fine hair when it was dry, but good for blow drying it smooth. I generally like this but you need to be careful how much you use. If you have finer hair.


Skin Care


MONU Recovery Balm – A paraben free moisturising balm, for stressed, sensitive skin. This contains, Rose essential oil, great for sensitive skin and to uplift the senses, Evening Primrose oil rich in fatty acids to help restore the skins lipid layer and Blackcurrant seed oil to soothe and hydrate the skin. Perfect to revitalise and brighten the complexion. I like the texture of this, it is not too greasy and feels really nourishing. I currently have it packed on to my face while I write this as I am trying to recover from a horrid cold.

Bloom And BlossomRevitalising Leg And Foot Spray – With 97% naturally derived, ingredients containing aloe vera and tangerine leaf oil. This kind of product is perfect for me. Helps alleviate water retention, helps refresh tired heavy legs and ankles. Ideal after long busy days in the salon and after a night out in heels. 

Make Up


Model CO Cosmetics- Blusher in Peach Bellini– A lightweight blusher with a slight shimmer and natural warm tone. suitable for any skin tone.


Look Good Feel Better – Angled blending brush – A really soft eye shadow blending brush. Look Good Feel Better is a world wide cancer charity that provides practical support for women and teenagers who struggle with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. When you purchase one of their brushes an 8 to 12 percent of what you pay will go towards the charity’s workshops and master classes to help create confidence. I can’t think of a better excuse to buy a new make up brush. Click here to go straight to the website.

Look Fantastic- Nail FileA cute very sparkly nail file that will always come in handy.


I must say I am very pleased with this months box I will get a lot of use out of each and every one of the products.

Thanks for reading.

bdazzler xxx

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ghd copper luxe collection 

Hey guys, so today’s post is slightly different. I am just going to let you all know about the new ghd copper luxe collection that has just been released in time for Christmas.
As some of you may know I have been hairdressing for quite a while and one thing I really look forward to every year around this time, is to see what the ghd Christmas collection will look like.

As a brand I swear by ghd, thier styling tools, do not damage the hair (when used correctly), they are stylish, efficient and last ages. However over the last few years they seem to be lacking in the wow factor with their limited edition collections. For me the collection that comes out at Christmas has to be currant and on trend, something that will excite and appeal to people, enough to put it on their Christmas list.

Well this year ghd have pulled it out the bag. They have homed in on the current obsession with copper. I like so many others right now, am like a magpie to anything remotely copper or rose gold toned. I was literally so excited when I saw these come into the salon. Hats off to ghd the whole copper craze is everywhere right now, I have seen it in Kitchenware, makeup, accessories, nail varnish, stationary and now clients are even asking for rose gold and copper toned hair.

This year there is so much choice available with the copper luxe collection, it is not just the standard ghd styler and hairdryer that they normally  come up with.

I’m going to go through them for you. So you can choose  exactly which one to put on your Christmas wish list.

Starting with my favourite styler

ghd platinum styler – in copper, this comes with two limited edition Nails Inc polishes and a copper luxe heat resistant bag.£175


What I love about the platinum styler –  you get 50% less breakage, due to only needing to go over each section of hair once as the platinum stylers have three heat elements in each plate giving you a fantastic even heat throughout the  whole section. An extra plus is the  wishbone shaped hinge, which makes curling the hair so much easier as it allows the styler to rotate with fluid movement.

The ghd platinum styler is also available in white and black with a limited edition copper luxe gear resistant bag. £165

ghd V- gold copper luxe professional styler, With advanced ceramic heat technology. The gift set comes with a limited edition Nails Inc, polish and the copper luxe heat resistant bag. £135


ghd air– copper luxe professional hair dryer, with advanced ionic technology, gets your hair dry and styled in half the time.£99


Copper luxe deluxe set  – the ghd V gold professional styler and ghd air professional hairdryer, the styler is copper and the air hairdryer comes with the copper accents as if that wasn’t enough you also get the limited edition copper luxe heat mat. £195


Creative curl wand  – perfect for creating waves and movement and  Soft curl tong – for creating soft curls and volume. Both come with a limited edition Nails Inc polish and the copper luxe heat resistant bag. £120 


Soft curl tong – for creating soft curls and volume, comes with the limited edition NAILS INC polish and copper luxe heat resistant bag.£120 

Last but not least.

Luxe travel hairdryer – fast and so much more efficient than any other travel dryer I have ever come across, comes with with a handy dust bag. £49


I don’t know about you guys but I think this copper collection, is so fantastic. I have my eye on that very cute travel hair dryer, the copper platinums and the creative curl wand.

Which one is going on your wish list?

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love and sparkle

bdazzler xxx

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Skinny Tan A Natural Looking Tan.

This skinny tan is going to change my life !!

Skinny Tan is a paraben free, self tanner that contains natural tanning and skin smoothing actives, said to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is not tested on animals. I bought this, as I had heard that it fades evenly without going patchy. I really did not have any expectations of my cellulite been visibly reduced as the only thing that really works for that, is lights out!

The skinny tan mousse contains organic coconut for the scent and organic Aloe Vera for extra moisture. Skinny tan also contains skin smoothing  Guarana a caffeine derivative, this is an ingredient that is mostly found in cellulite reducing and firming creams (anything firming is always a plus).

I can’t explain just how good it really is. Firstly there is no scent (you know that self tan,biscuit kind of smell), I mean not one little bit of a scent, this impressed  me so much. When applying the product it smells good a bit like coconut, but doesn’t smell once it dries.

This is the first ever self tan that I have used and been able to still go out while it is developing, I normally stay in doors due to the smell that lingers around you and the whole looking like you have been rolling around in mud thing, also in past experience with other self tans and even when been professionally spray tanned, it can feel slightly tacky and not 100% dry. That is one thing that prevents me from being bronzed the whole year round, the smell and the whole stress of being scared to get tanning product all over my sofa.

When I bought my Skinny Tan mousse, it came with the application mitt and also an exfoliating mitt.


The application mitt is not like any others I have used before. It is made from thick material that feels almost like velvet. It really helps smooth on the mousse formula evenly and it doesn’t tend to soak up all the product, which I have found in the past with other tanning mitts.



The exfoliating mitt is really handy as there are two sides to it.

The darker side is not so course and is to be used when showering to exfoliate the skin in preparation for applying your Skinny Tan, and the lighter side is slightly courser, especially for removing any difficult areas that have gone slightly dark, like the elbows and knees. The Skinny Tan mousse is that good that I didn’t even need to use this side on my first go as it went on so evenly. This is coming from someone with no tanning patience whatsoever, I literally just pumped my mousse onto the mitt and applied it everywhere not being careful at all and just hoping for the best. My only method when using self tanners is, feet and legs first then work my way up. Both the mitts can be washed in the washing machine so can be used over and over again.

I can not rate the Skinny Tans dark mousse enough. It is so easy to apply, you can see the colour as you are applying so you will notice any bits you missed. The best bit for me is how it fades, none of that patchy business, it fades so naturally. Those of you bigger busted ladies out there will get what I mean when I say that, the patchy cleavage thing does not happen. Thanks to skinny tan that is no longer a problem I need to worry about. This product gives the most natural intense colour. The only downside for me was that, it did still hold darker in areas that are dryer  like on my elbow, and a tiny patch of eczema I have, but to be fair this is always a problem. I will just try adding a bit of moisturiser to those bits before tanning next time.

Overal I am so happy I discovered Skinny Tan and am looking forward to trying out some more of the Skinny Tan products. Would love some recommendations, if you have used any other Skinny Tan products.

Thanks for taking the time to read

bdazzler xxx

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Vo5 Smoothly Does Its Curl Defining Mousse

Being a professional hair stylist for almost 20 years, I have been spoilt, using only the best hair care products available, so trying high street branded products really is out of my comfort zone, but lets be honest its healthy to step out of your comfort zone now and again, and as a beauty blogger, I can’t only review professional hair care products.


I finally decided on the Vo5 smoothly does it mousse. It claims to create a frizz free finish and enhance curls, but also smooth straight hair, while protecting the hair from the damage caused by heated appliances. Perfect for someone like me who wears my hair naturally curly but also blow dried straight.

The first time I used this I could have cried, I mean truly cried. I had no time to redo my hair and ended up having to pin the frizzy mess back, to look half decent. However  I just wasn’t ready to give up. I had to remind myself that, high street products, in my past experience did sometimes mean having to use a lot more of the actual product. I was determined to get the best out of this mousse and at least get some definition to my curls. So I braved a second go.

This time I used a ridiculous amount of product, compared to what I normally use (two massive hand fulls), and hey presto I had shiny defined frizz free locks. Admittedly I had to dry my hair for ages. Curly hair tip– to avoid crispy hair, be patient, dry the hair until it is bone dry if it feels crispy keep drying, sometimes this dreaded crispiness will disappear as you carry on drying. The heat will help the product sink into the hair rather than just sit on the surface. So I dried and dried and dried some more and vuala! no crispy bits.

This mousse left my hair feeling really touchable soft, and shiny but not with the greatest amount of  bounce and volume but the result was lovely. On day two I didn’t have to add anything to my hair to eliminate frizz (this is rare), so a great second day from the vo5 mousse. The downside of this product was that,  I did notice some flaky bits in my hair, clearly the mousse did create a certain amount of build up on my hair and scalp. This is the one thing that puts me off using this product on a regular basis. I will carry on using this. but will alternate using it with one of my professional styling products.

I also used this when blow drying my hair smooth and straight. It really did not feel heavy at all and left my hair bouncy and really shiny. This mousse is great for creating a bouncy blow dry. I actually prefer it for blow drying smoother than for natural diffused curls.

Overall  I was quite impressed with this mousse, it did not give loads of volume but, did create  bounce, shine and help smooth my fluffy hair.

I might even try some more from this v05 styling range.
Have you tried any of the vo5 styling  range? Let me know in the comments box below.

Hope you found the review helpful.

Big love for reading

Bdazzler xxx

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Soap & Glory Heel Genius

I picked this foot cream up in Boots mid August, as I had run out of my usual Arbonne one. I can not go a day without moisturising my tootsies in flip flop weather. I had heard some great reviews on Soap & Glory products but not really used any of them. The name and statements on the packaging  gave me BIG expectations ‘heel genius’ ‘amazing foot cream’ and ‘better than a pedicure’. Surely I would have been silly not to even try it.



I love the packaging and name. Its very retro and the brand adds   as a great humour to their packaging. The ingredients list was quite impressive too, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers, macadamia oil, and menthol to name a few. On first application I did like the texture, not too thick and gloopy and definatley not to runny . The scent is very light, but I cant quite decide if I like it or not. The menthol comes through slightly, but for me there is nothing in the smell of this foot cream that adds to the enjoyment of using it. Now many of you may think its a foot cream, how much does any normal person enjoy using a foot cream ? Well to be honest, I am not normal, I am beauty product obsessed, so when I buy a product I need to enjoy using it, beauty product lovers will get it. The scent of a product can have you addicted to it instantly. So scent sensation wise this foot cream only gets a measly 4/10 from me.

The instructions on using the heel genius are simply, apply to clean feet at night and wear socks on top over night. When used like this it did feel more nourishing but who really wants to wear socks to bed especially in the summer. I did use it at night quite a bit but can’t do the whole sock thing, it worked well enough and prevented me getting cracked ugly heels.The downside for me is that I found that after I have had my shower in the morning, I still needed to moisturise my feet, otherwise my feet did look dry (especially with  wearing open footwear. When applying in the morning I would do so straight after my shower and wear socks till I was ready to leave the house, otherwise I was slipping all over the place the whole morning, obviously not ideal when trying to get ready and out the house quickly. Heel genius, definatley does work well but for me, does not soak in quick enough. I will use this in the winter months when I can throw on a pair of socks over the top, but for the summer it will have to hibernate in the draw.

Would I purchase again ? Yes for the cooler months of the year, as it is very reasonably priced at only £5.50 and is much more effective than other foot creams at that price range.

I look forward to trying more of the products from Soap & Glory and will keep posted on my faves. Would love to think what some of my readers think of the products and if you recommend any in particular.

Thanks for reading

bdazzler xxx

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Maybelline Vivid Matte Lip Gloss

When I saw these had arrived in my local Superdrug, I was torn between all the fantastic colour choices there were, but I thought three colours was enough as I was not sure how these were going to feel on the lips and just how much staying power there would be in them. The colours I chose were 05 Nude Flush, 40 Berry Boost and 25 Orange Shot. All very different colours.

The texture of these is so creamy and lush they go on quite evenly, to get solid coverage it was necessary to apply more than the one coat. Overall I received lots of compliments on the colours. They don’t seem to last very long, so I did need to reapply two or three times in the day especially after a cup of tea and something to eat, they tend to leave a stained look to the lips but that’s about it. These definatley do not dry quite so matt, the creamy texture does seem to give a slight glossy finish. On first impressions I liked these even though they were not matt but by later that evening and the following day, my lips were so so dry that even my Jo Malone lip treatment did not seem to improve the dryness. I really wanted to buy more of these as the shades available are lovely and I loved the initial feel of it on application, but I am now not sure if I am up for the lip destruction that follows. 

I have not given up on the vivid lip creams just yet, next step will be to apply a few minutes after a lip balm. overall  I absolutely love the shades available, great packaging and fantastic texture. Only downfall is how dry they left my lips feeling. These retail at £6.99.

The Pros

  • Creamy velvety texture
  • Easy application with doe foot applicator
  • Opaque colours, great pigment.

The Cons

  • Not the best staying power, needs reapplying.
  • Leaves lips extremely dry.
  • Not  what I would consider a matte finish


Have you tried the Maybelline Vivid lip creams yet ? If so I would love to know what you think of them.

Please scroll down to leave a comment in the comments box.

Big thanks for reading.

bdazzler xxx

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August favourites

So here we are just about to enter September. Bye bye clear roads and hello rush hour traffic, but the end of the summer isn’t all bad. For me the month of September brings a new skincare routine, products packed with extra moisturising and brightening ingredients , darker toned lip colours and being able to bring out my scarf collection that gets totally neglected through the summer months. More importantly than anything else September brings my wedding anniversary, which for me is one of the most precious days to celebrate in the year. Be it by sitting at home with the hubby chilling with a take away, or by going to some swanky  London restaurant. As long as we are both healthy and together I am happy.

Anyway let’s head on to those August favourites. I didn’t do any shopping in August so my favourites are some bits that I have had a couple of months, but seemed to be the things I reached for all the time this month.

Kiko Creamy Lip gloss (shade 112)

This is the only creme lip gloss pencil I have had from Kiko and I must say I am so impressed by the formula and texture of this. It is really comfortable to wear and tends to last a while. My favourite thing about this is the actual colour. This lipstick is pink but not too bright or too pale. It is just the perfect pink with a little sheen to it but just enough pigment to it to enhance my natural lip colour. Perfect for when you do not want to go to pink and girly but it’s the only shade that will work with the rest of your make up. This lip gloss is not at all sticky, it feels like you are wearing a lip balm. Will be getting a few more of this lip gloss pencils.This retails at £6.90 bargain!


Stila Huge Mascara

014 (2)

This is the mascara of mascaras for me. If you are a regular to my blogs you may remember my review on a range of mascaras I did a couple of months ago. What I had done then was force myself to use all the different mascaras I  had bought, over a couple of months so I could write honest reviews about them. Well since I did that I have not picked any of the others up once. I just keep reaching for this Stila Huge mascara. I tend to reach for this because it means great full long lashes without all the faff of curling them and having to spend too long building up the mascara. If you want thicker, longer lashes that are achieved quickly with just one or two coats, this is the mascara for you, retailing at £18.00.

Mud maskey Face Mask


This is a pH balanced clay based mask. I received this in my monthly glossy box subscription. I used it once and have been obsessed with it ever since. It Is quite an expensive mask retailing at £59. For a clay mask it does not tend to dry my skin out. I also love that it is not one of those leave on for twenty minutes masks, 7 mins for dry skin – 10 mins for greasy skin. Quick and efficient. I am very into skincare being free from nasties and rubbish and this suits me perfectly. No pore blocking chemicals, silicone’s or synthetic colours or parabens. For me this is well worth spending the money on. I have seen great results in only a couple of weeks of using this.

Claudalie Divine Oil


I have been using this oil on and off for a while. I keep this on my bedside table and use it at night.This can be used on your hair, face, body & nails. It is a dry oil so not too greasy. The smell is so unbelievably luxurious and yummy. I spray this on the ends of my hair, like a treatment the night before I wash it. It nourishes my hair but doesn’t weigh it down like a hair mask can do, perfect for my fine curly hair. I use this on my face at night more in the colder months, by adding a spritz of it to my night creme. Recently I have been using this all over my body paying a little extra attention to me heels and elbows. The spray bottle makes using this really easy as you get a nice even spray rather then oil overkill. This retails between £15 – £30 depending on what size and where you get it from.

Smashbox contour kit


I normally opt for  smashbox cream contour sticks. I prefer the finish and like how blendable they are. With how warm the weather has been I felt that the cream sticks were all merging into one and sinking into my skin into my skin throughout the day. This little contour kit was just right to give that extra bit of definition while still keeping my skin matt. I do think it is quite pricey at £35.50 but you do get a small brush with it.


So that is me all done for the month of August. Will be working on some product reviews in September so watch this space.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

bdazzler xx

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August Glossy Box

This months Glossy box was their five year anniversary edition, so it had to be a good one. I was pleased to see that they had chosen to collaborate with  Rae Feather  . You would have seen her monogram bags in every fashion  magazine this summer. Rae Feather has created a lifestyle and fashion brand that has really become popular in a short space of time, (click on the link above to see so much more of what is available on the website). It  was refreshing  to see a glossy box working with a brand that is really currant right now.



So yes I loved the Rae Feather make up bag that we received this month, I have a so many make up bags but feel like you can never have enough.

Included in this months box was an eye shadow palette from the brand MUA  Makeup Academy.


This brand is one of those makeup brands that create fairly good make up, for crazy cheap prices. You can find MUA products in Superdrug. The pigment of their shadows is really quite good, but I have not tried any of their other makeup.

You can see from the swatches, that the palette I received in this months box contained bronze’s and gold’s, all of them  have a shimmer. I was more impressed with the darker tones in the palette, as they are much more intense than the lighter shades that tend to disappear too much when blending. These palette’s are only £4.00 to buy so you can’t really complain with a price tag like that.



Now my favourite item I received in this months box was a face mask that I had not heard of before Mudmasky . A pH balanced  mask, free from silicone’s, and any pore blocking ingredients, synthetic colours and parabens. I had very high hopes for this mask. It claims to refine pores and brighten  the skin while keeping it hydrated and smooth. As it is a clay based mask I was slightly concerned that it would dry my skin out ( my skin is normal to dry). What can I say, this mask exceeded  all my expectations after one use, my skin was so much smoother, clearer, brighter, and rid of all impurities. I know I will be purchasing another of these masks. I use this twice a week and am in love with it. It is definatley a more expensive mask, but well worth it if you are preparing your skin for a special occasion. This is like a facial in a tube for me.



Next up we have the Cowshed invigorating  body lotion. I do not know why but I struggle to like Cowshed products (even though I really want to). They are a British based company that use organic plant extracts and mood boosting essential oils. They have spas in all of the Soho house locations not just in the UK but internationally too, so I know there is something I still haven’t quite discovered yet myself.

This smelt quite nice and the texture is good,  but it still didn’t seem to impress me, my skin felt moisturised but nothing that makes me want to recommend it to everyone. I have only used the body lotions and shampoo, but  I will find a product from Cowshed that  I like eventually.



Last but not least in this months box was a facial cleansing brush, from a company called Spa To You. They don’t seem to have a website up and running, so apologies that I do not have a link for you. The bristles on this brush are not too harsh and it also has a couple of plastic bristles incorporated into the brush head. This is meant to e a deep cleansing brush, so great for every so often or for removing a face mask, but I would not use this every morning and night. When Cleansing I use a Clarasonic or a Konjack Sponge. I am not a major fan of facial brushes simply because I feel you can be slightly too vigorous and harsh on the skin with out realising. This is why I use a Clarasonic, simply because it does the work for you. I do like this facial brush and tend to use it to remove face masks.


So overall this months glossy box was a great one, with lots of really useful bits in it. I am looking forward to discovering what will arrive in Septembers Glossy Box.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Please scroll down to like and comment.

Lots of love

bdazzler xx

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When You Need To Pause & Reboot!!

Hello there, yes I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks. My original aim was to post a blog at least once a week and eventually twice a week, so what happened? Truth is I have had a bit of a blogging blip. I have battled with myself over the last week or so, because I just have not been able to focus and drive myself, not great for someone who has only been doing it a few months, but I had to stop and get real. I had to ask myself  WHY CANT I FOCUS? Then I realised this is my hobby, I enjoy it and I started doing this for me, so quite honestly, I have decided there is nothing wrong with being tired and needing to press the pause button now and again. We have been doing a lot of work on our house recently which took up so much of my time and energy although it was well worth every minute and we are grateful for what we have, admittedly a lot of my focus was drawn to visits to and from B&Q and the home ware department of Next. Following that, I have recently been surrounded with quite a bit of bad news, it seems to be dishing itself out, not just to me personally, but also to a few of my  loved ones. There is nothing worse than events in your life being totally out of your hands and not being able to take the pain away for those you love.

I feel like the blip is coming to an end but it may take a couple more weeks before I am on a roll again. Thought I would just put it out there, we are human and it is healthy to take a bit of time out to deal with our emotions, however myself I find I cant dwell for to long, it makes me feel so much worse. I have a list of things to do that help me reboot and find the spring in my step.

  1. Go for a long drive while listening to some old school music and sing at the top of your voice.
  2. Make a note of one thing you are grateful for every day.
  3. Be kind to people (it makes you feel happy).
  4. Have a clear out, the wardrobe, toiletries draw or even the kitchen cupboards, clearing the rubbish helps clear the mind.
  5. Tea and a catch up with your bestie (priceless).
  6. Buy new make up (sorry my weakness)
  7. Spend time with my beautiful god children ( they always make the world feel like a better place).

What do you do when you need to pause and reboot?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Please scroll down to leave a comment.

Big Love

bdazzler xxx
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July Favourites

017 (2)

Jo MaloneVitamin E Lip Conditioner


This lip treatment has not left my side, it is  always in my hand bag, or on my coffee table. I wear lipstick every day, but as soon as I get home off comes the lippy, and out comes my Jo Malone Lip conditioner. I love everything about this product. It isn’t too greasy to apply on top of lipstick and it is far from sticky. This keeps my lips so smooth and soft. There are no flaws to this Lip Conditioner.

Too Faced Chocolate Palette


This Palette is fantastic, the pigment of the colours is amazing and they blend so easily. I have had to force myself to start  using all my other eye shadows again, because this palette really did take over. Everyone raves about  the two faced chocolate palettes, now I know why. I Cant wait to get the other Too Faced  palettes now.

Loreal Nude Cushion Foundation

I was not sure on this when I picked it up in the shop. I didn’t think the coverage would be as good as I like, but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is light and blends very easily. I found that I reached for this on the few really hot days we have recently had, as I have liked how light it feels, while giving a gorgeous dewy glow. I don’t use the sponge applicator that it came with as I really think they soak up way too much of the product, also rather than wiping foundation across my face, I like to use a stippling technique. I find this helps my make up stay on all day and also makes blending very easy. I am definatley going to be buying this foundation again.

Garnier –  Micellar Cleansing Water Oil Infused 


I don’t normally go for drugstore skincare but I had received a bottle of the original  Garnier Micellar water in one of my subscription boxes, and I really liked it. So when I spotted that they  had come up with an oil infused version for dry and sensitive skin, I was curious to see how effective it was. I like this Micellar water because it is great for lazy taking off your make up nights. I always double cleanse, so sometimes use this as my first step, as it removes waterproof eye make up effectively. It is slightly greasy so I wouldn’t use it before applying any make up, it is perfect for my dry skin in the evening. Only thing I am not keen on is that it can slightly sting the eyes if you apply to much to the cotton pad.

Dune – Coral Purse 

So I am loving using this purse, it has a great card holder which tucks away neatly inside the side pocket. At £30:00 This is by far the cheapest purse I own, but the most practical and useful. I am sure, I am not the only person who has a purse overflowing full of reward, point and gift cards. Having the extra card holder is perfect and makes navigating through your purse much easier. I also fell in love with the colour, I am majorly into coral and I loved how summery and bright it is. Since I bought mine they have now released  more fantastic colours, so I am slightly tempted to purchase a khaki one ready for the autumn.

So those are my favourites for the month of July.

Until next time.

bdazzler xx
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